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Biplane Networks
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Web Agency

Established in Sweden back in 1996, today Biplane Networks (aka BipNet) has a client base in Sweden, Spain, and Malta. We provide all the digital services any small and medium sized company needs for an online presence. From the initial step of a domain registrations, hosting accounts, e-mail services, websites, graphics, photography and programming down to search engine optimisations and webshop functions.

We are an agency that can offer a complete marketing package for any organisation that wishes to have the security, reliability and experience of a professional team, every step of the way. Our marketing and advertising services, makes us the ideal partner for any business.

Hosting Services

  • Standard
  • 5 GB storage
    ∞ Email accounts
    10 GB Bandwidth / month
    2 Domains / Websites
    2 MySQL databases
    Free Domain Migration
    SSL security
    Own Admin
  • €130 yearly
  • Premium
  • 30 GB storage
    ∞ Email accounts
    40 GB Bandwidth / month
    10 Domains / Websites
    10 MySQL databases
    Free Domain Migration
    SSL security
    Own Admin
  • € 230 yearly
  • Advanced
  • 50 GB storage
    ∞ Email accounts
    60 GB Bandwidth / month
    20 Domains / Websites
    20 MySQL databases
    Free Domain Migration
    SSL security
    Own Admin

  • € 330 yearly


We offer several other account and service packages, to suit any business. Contact us directly with a quote request detailing what additional services are required and we will get back to you with a total package price. In our package deals we offer additional services at rebated prices, so do not hesitate to contact us and see what we can offer you.

Web Design

We provide multilingual websites in all the popular website creation tools selected for all individual and specific requirements.

Web Development

Content management and development on both client- and server-side, scripting and network security configuration and other online services.

24/7 Support

We are always available for our clients and can be reached whenever we are needed.

SEO Services

We can help you have your website ranking and accessibility improved and upgraded with search optimisation services.


Promote, market, and sell your products online through web shops which are constantly updated and open for business.

Payment Gateways

Every webshop requires a payment gateway. We can set up credit card and online payments services with high security standards.

Social Media

We can help keep your products and services information constantly upgraded through the most popular social media outlets.


We can offer high quality commercial photography. Be it properties, general products or services, we have the experience and equipment to deliver the perfect image results.


When it comes to Brand Imaging, such as logo designing, photo editing, header designs or product packaging, we can provide all ideas and requirements to high standards.


Our colocated servers in Sweden and Germany provide our clients with everything required for IT marketing and communication. They are secure, reliable and very efficient. We provide everything from self-administering hosting accounts, e-mail services, and statistics all the way to databases, virtual and dedicated servers, and even reseller hosting plans.

We can also provide e-mail marketing, newsletters and many other vital corporate services. In short, whatever is needed in IT, marketing and communication, we can provide it.


A domain is the most important start of a company’s image. We can help you create a domain that is easy to memorise, and which reflects the business it represents. The number of worldwide active domains today has well exceeded the figures of 320 million, so have your domain registered while it may still be available.
We provide domain registration and administration of domain renewals, security and contact verifications. With the domain being the link to a company profile  and email contact, it pays to have it administered well right from the start. Contact us about your domain requirements and we can help you find the right domain for your business.


Whether your support requirement is inside or outside business hours, we are always available. We understand your need to contact us over anything from a basic enquiry to a help with any communication services.  Simply put, we are always nearby and available 24/7.

For any non urgent enquiries or pricing quotations, we can also be reached by filling out and submitting the form below.

Stephen S.

Stephen S.


Stephen is the founder of the company and its concept. A multilingual lover of art and jazz, in constant travel between Sweden, Spain and Malta, and a self proclaimed activist of outdoor life

Magnus L.

Magnus L.


With many years of experience, Magnus is responsible for the art and graphic productions. A wine and cooking enthusiast with a constant drive to explore new ideas in creativity and mediterranean cuisine.

Magnus D.

Magnus D.


Magnus is our meticulous software development expert. With an avid passion for the culinary art and travel, there is always an unexplored corner in the world that captures his attention and cuisine research.

Dave C.

Dave C.


Dave keeps track of our servers and infrastructure. He is also an avid traveller in the remote eastern countries. If there’s internet available, he can easily be there working from remote destinations.

Lilia V.

Lilia V.


Lilia organises and manages various parts of a project, including assigning and monitoring communication, as well as creating reports and project updates, thus ensuring every project’s success.

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